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Mode of Admission

An admission from has been enclosed in this prospectus to be duly filled by the parents/ ward of the students and to be deposited to the school office at the time of admission.

At the kindergarten level, students are admitted on the basis of the First Come First Served basis for the number of seats available.
For all the other classes i.e class first onwards ,students are required to appear for an interview. Whilst an interview froms the basis of selection, it is not the sole criterion and does not guraantee admission. The School reserves the right to reject any prospective student who does not fulfil the condition regarding the selection procedure.
1. The Date - of -Birth certificate upto 1st class Level.

2. The School Leaving Certificate from the previous recongnised or affiliated School from where he/she has passes his/her previous exam.

3. A Copy of the School Regluation duly read and signed by the parent/guardian.
The complete application form is expected to be deposited to the School along with a fee of Rs. 300 for the application form.